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                   Hello to all my dear friends.
Because our Chinese New year ,we have 2 weeks holiday, From Jan 17th to Feb 1th. if you need order something urgent,please make an order like usual,when we back will ship your order first.thank you.

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Sales Manager:Louis Sales girl:Spring

Cel:+8613723403763 Cel:+8613410841678

Whatsapp:+8613723403763 Whatsapp:13410841678

Tel:0086-0755-36858282 Tel:0086-0755-36858282

Fax:0086-0755-83353435 Fax:0086-0755-83353435

QQ:290852251 Skype:opulouis QQ:21889751 Skype:spring52099

Add:Room 2701,C Building,Qunxing Square,Hongli Road,Futian District,Shenzhen City,China.

After-sales Service:Angela Product Packing manager:Sam Package man:Eric.Tom.David
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