Opuradio,Car audio,LCD display,touch digitizer,DVD mechanism ,CD mechanism,optical picpup ,laser

OPURADIO is one of the worlds leading automotive remanufacturers. Our company was founded in 2002 and professional on car radio/audio repair parts business,and is an independent distributor operating worldwide. We are supplying electronic compontents and spare pparts for automotive industry like CD/DVD/Navigation mechanisms,LCD display,touch screen,mainboard for head unit,spindle motor,flex cable,repair IC(Memory IC,Amplifier IC)hdd hard disk drive etc for all kinds of car brand. We are in the biggest electronic markets in China and we have most stock of products that they all comes from original factory with brand new to make sure we can offer the lowest pricing and top quality as an international wholesale company. We promise,you can take the top quality product with the best price from us. Join us is your biggest harvest,we will never let you down. All the product we have big in stock like the picture show .